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How to bounce back from a relapse

Hello my fellow readers! Am back with a new blogpost, and am going to talk about how to bounce back, when you screw up, and have a bad streak that seems to never end, and you get frustrated about it, how is affecting your life, and that you feel that is really difficult to come back as you were before, and you wish everything was like before, but let me tell you, there’s a solution, with much hope and faith in yourself you can make it.

Identifying your problem

Maybe that you want to quit gaming for so much hours, or watching too much tv instead of studying, or maybe alcohol, porn or smoking problems, but a way to identify your problem is to ask you the following question:

What am doing that wastes my time? Do I even like doing it?

If you know an activity that wastes your time, please ask yourself if you even like doing it, since there’s like and there’s dependency, and both of them should be approached differently, you need to know that you are the owner of your life, your environment, your emotions, and your mindset, it’s up to you to be happy and see the good things in the rough spots, to smile even if you are not feeling like it, you need to know that life is beautiful and you can and have to enjoy every part of it, learn to feel and recognize that you are human, you need to feel happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, doubt and much more, success does not look like a linear process that never falls, is an up and down path that will make you feel tons of emotions, and you need to accept and enjoy them.

After you answer that question there’s another one you should ask yourself:

Is difficult for me to stop this activity?

If it does, you need to create and organize a plan of attack which is based on the idea of how you are going to fight back against this addiction, since this addiction is your enemy, and warriors always strike first, and they strike hard.

I have already talked about how to create a plan of attack in this blogpost so go check it out!

After you have created your plan of attack, we go to the main point of the blogpost, how to maintain it?

How to keep precision on the objective?

The way to keep precision on your objective is to not overload with information! keep it simple, really this is very key, don’t overload yourself with tons of things to do or to watch/read, please go step by step, remember that this is a marathon not a sprint, solve problems one by one, make dopamine detoxes once a week, and keep your activities short and simple, remember that time is gold and you can’t waste it, but most importantly:

If you don’t have a purpose on why you are doing what you do, you will keep falling off without understanding why, remember why do it, so you have a reason to bounce back if you fall off, go get it!