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How to comeback and win in life


First of all, let’s talk about the definition of the word comeback shall we?

Comeback: a return to a former higher rank, popularity, position, prosperity, etc.

With that being said, a comeback is when you are on the low side of your streak and you make the effort to get back where you deserve and were.

This is critical in life, you will have a lot of situations that will demotivate you, stop your momentum, your rhythm, and make you begin from scratch again, and it will be difficult, to not say painful, since from your growth zone you fell back to your comfort zone, and then is when you have to get up.

You first need to organize yourself and create a plan of attack, since this is a problem needed to be taken with aggression.

Plan of attack

First of all you should have a journal, if you don’t have one, don’t worry about it, (Tomorrow’s post will be how to journal and document your day to day so don’t forget!) but before we need to answer this:

Because in a journal you document what you do in your day to day, so if you feel something is not going as planned, or you feel like you are not better that yesterday, go and check what you did and your thoughts of that day and compare them with your thoughts of today or the day that wasn’t that good, and the next day try to mimic the same thoughts, and activities, to gain momentum, I know that is hard and that advice is a bit stupid “if you don’t want to do something, just do it and that’s it”, but there is where the plan of attack comes into place, this is a war between you and yourself, so you have to know yourself where to attack, your weakest points, your good points, where you can get attacked, and how to defend yourself, you vs you.


Organize your day wisely, because this is what will change the outcome, the first hour of your day is extremly important, you can’t screw this up, if you screw the first hour of your day, it will be really difficult to come back on top, so organize your day from the less stimulating activity to the most, from the less difficult to the hardest one, for example:

You see, i didn’t include your phone, or your tv, or your nintendo switch, since this activites are really stimulating, so if you make this stimulating activities will be really hard to accomplish a less stimulating activity, for example, you are not going to play videogames and then read a book, it will be extreamly boring and while you are reading you are thinking about playing again, so that’s why organization is extreamly important and the first hour of your day more yet, since this will define your confidence level and mood for the day, so be smart about it, do this step the night before, so when you wake up you know exactly what you need to do, that will make you different from everyone else.


After organizing your day it takes action to accomplish what have you promised to do, be realistic please, so that way you will not be dissapointed about yourself, action is key, just think the momentum and the rhythm you will level up if you accomplish this, don’t think much about it, just go and do it, but remember you are in a war, and in this moment is where the enemy will want to go full gas on his attacks, the attacks will be:

And you need to be ready to comeback this attacks with something that you know will work, and if it doesn’t work, make it work, that is what life is about isn’t? so be ready and mindful when this happens and prepare your counter attacks.

Counter Attack

Your counter attacks need to be ready before the attacks happens, a warrior doesn’t go to war without his sword, so your counter attacks need to be lock and loaded.

This are mine, and could help your but you know yourself best

These a powerful counter attacks that you can use, just make sure to be ready.

Completing the comeback

You complete the comeback by meditating about all you have done, pray to give thanks that you have made it, document everything you made and be ready for tomorrow, and with time you will grab some high momentum and it will seem easy but beware, that is the time your enemy is with their guns lock and loaded and you have your guard down, Don’t let that happen and if it happens…