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How can overthinking ruin your mindset


Well first let me welcome you to this new year 2022! I wish you the best for this year and time to rock on and create and achieve what you most want! I welcome you to this new year with this new blog post! I haven’t write an advice post in a while so let’s get started!

What is overthinking?

Overthinking is just the action to before doing something you think a lot of that action so you can excuse yourself to not do it, If you need to training, but before showering and getting ready you are already thinking “My pinky toe hurts a bit I should stay…” just getting excuses on top of your head to not do something that you don’t feel like doing.

How can it ruin your mindset?

Your mindset being the way you think, to make an action and make it your way, the way you tackle things and situations in life, how do you feel if something happens, this ruins your mindset completly in the way that if something bad happens, for example you are trying to leave tobacco and you smoke a cigarette and relapse, how do you feel about it? The first thought is regret, and then the following thought is a strategy to leave it, but then you overthink it, while you think about it you are seeing the difficulty of it, the struggle you will have to pass, and that makes you thing to go out with a “blast” and so you light up another cigarette and say “this one is for good, my goodbye one” and cycles repeats.

But why? Because you didn’t took action when you supposed to, the second thought being the strategy to leave tobacco, should be as easy as saying “I will not smoke tobacco anymore” and go on with your day, but instead you thought about what if, what am going to do if, and so on and so forth that you think that is too hard and just to not feel bad you light up another cigarette…

How can we stop overthinking?

Is not easy, is a fight am going through a lot right now, but I can share some tips:


This are my 2 cents, I write this advices to myself but I know someone could need this and that’s why I share them with you, if you know something and you don’t share it, that’s just being selfish right? hope you liked this post and I’ll keep you updated!