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How to free yourself by installing linux


This is a special blogpost since this is the guide to switch from windows to linux for new users, and the way to free them of propietary software and enjoy their freedom with free software, the software you should run!

We are going to divide this guide in steps:


For the FAQ’s I made a blogpost that covers this questions:

It does cover this questions in a bit of technical way tho, but check it out if you want to learn more!

The “difficult” part of linux is unlearning windows, since here in linux we are different in this aspects:

But don’t worry! Am here to explain to you every step of the way and to enjoy once and for all your free computer, free as in freedom.

Am going to cover the topics above broadly…

Privacy and security

The only privacy setting you need to turn on/off is location for the weather, meaning that no sending “anonymous” data to big companies or similar cases, and linux being based as a unix-like operating system it works with multi-users, being always two users:

Installing software

This and the security, for me are the selling points for linux, installing software on linux is really easy, no more of going to a website to download a .exe just to figure out it was a virus… Installing software on linux is straight-forward, the software you want is on a repository or known as “repos” (server) and what you do is to install directly from that official server, being this simplified, you just go to an app store that is a pre-installed program and just download your software and you are ready to go! you will get updates in the same app store, so not to worry about it.


I already tackled a bit of this topic on another blogpost but talking this broadly, is about the philosophy of community, since linux is a community driven by free and open-source software, that users control it and doesn’t control them, about being helpful, asking questions when you don’t understand something, searching your question on the web, being curious, and to support and say free software, since this is the software we need to fight for our freedom.

Steps to follow:

  1. Compatibilty

  2. Flashing

  3. Installing

  4. Freedom!

Step 0: Compatibility.

This is a easy step, this step is to check the software we use if there is a linux version or alternative, since Adobe software or Microsoft Office is not available for linux, but there are alternatives, for example:

Browsers, spotify, discord, or others are all on linux, so no worries by that side!

And gaming is great too! Steam being on all repos and the majority of games run with the proton compatibility layer.

And in this step we need to back up all of our files because once we install linux our files are going to be DELETED so please take a lot of caution, back up all of your important files.

Step 1: Flashing

Flashing, what is that? let me explain… To install Linux the only requirement we need to have besides our computer is a flash drive (or known as a pen drive), 4gb of space is perfect to (as the word says) flash linux, but before getting to that step we need to choose our distro.

Choosing our distro

A distro is a operating system based on GNU/Linux, and there are a ton of distros, but we are going to choose just one, and a good one of course.

Since this is a beginner guide, we are going to choose beginner friendly distros, and the three options that I recommend are:

This three distros are free as in freedom but free as in free beer too! , but what are the differences are which one should you choose? well, depends who you are:

OS created by system 76 an American computer company that desings their computers with freedom and linux in mind, being this distro good for tech-savy people, gamers, coders, or curious people, specially if you have a nvidia card, just go with this option.

OS made for users that wants their computer to just werk, equiped with software, desinged with functionality in mind with a user interface easy to use, really good with old and low-end hardware, similar to windows 7, fast, secure and it just works.

OS made for creative users, with a beutiful desktop enviroment similar to Mac OS, being feature-rich like multitasking view, picture in picture, and a lot more, being a clean and polished distro with a beutiful desktop.

When you have made your mind, time to download the .iso! that is the OS itself, in a file, so go to the webpage of the distro you have chosen (Up in the blog there are the links, below choosing our distro) and download the file!

Is straight-foward but a note:

Flashing our distro

Download etcher on their website and install it, then time to plug your flash drive but WARNING everything in the flash drive WILL BE DELETED, so back up your files, now just follow the steps in screen, that is the first step to select the .iso that you downloaded, the second to select your flash drive and the third to flash, and should look like so:


After this, we are READY!!!! this should be exciting!

Step 2: Installing

Before booting into linux, we need to make some changes in bios, now this could look scary but it really isn’t! (make sure your usb is connected)

Now follow this steps and you will be fine:

If you made this successfully, congrats! you have made the hardest thing in this whole step!

Now you are on the desktop of your chosen linux distro! (except elementary OS, follow the installer and choose “demo mode”)


Being for me the linux mint desktop!

This is the perfect moment to check everything out, remember it won’t be as fast since is running from a simple USB, but you can get an idea of what you are going to get, so check the desktop, your wifi, bluetooth, mouse, keyboard, everything, once you are happy about that everything works (and if it does not, search your error on the web, since this type of errors have easy fix) now is time to continue with the installer, just follow the on screen instructions and you will be fine!

Note: If you have the option to install multimedia codecs, do it! is for managing audio and video files.

Now here is a side-note, there’s something called “dual booting” that is having linux alongside windows, and when you boot your computer you will decide what operating system you want to use, and this could be great as it could be a little bit of a headache, I have dual booted before and my experience has been okay-ish, but other users have reported that when Windows updates have deleted their linux partition, or have deleted their boot entry (that has happen to me before and I couldn’t recover linux, but it was my fault in certain way) so you can have a dual boot, or just wipe out windows and have only linux (recommended way) but finally is your computer and you have the last word, if you decide to dual boot, your installer will give you the option and you will need to decide how much space you want to give each OS, so take that in mind since windows is bloated and heavy, so for me a clean install is the best option but is your computer after all.

Now, along the installer you will have the option to encrypt your drive, please do it it will increase your security being the case that someone has access to your computer fisically they can’t do anything about it since the information is encrypted and your data protected, is a huge plus!


(this is the case for linux mint, to encrypt your home folder)

After all, we are golden! Welcome to Linux!


Step 3: Freedom

Now this is the final step, enjoy your freedom! now you are free to do whatever you want, so go explore! code a bit, learn the command line, install gimp and edit some pics, go crazy! But there’s some steps I would recommend to do before you go crazy!

Those steps is to get everything updated and ready to rock! now go crazy!


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And that’s it for me! Am glad that I can help you start your path into linux, so enjoy it, make it yours and go crazy! You can contact me in any way if you have a question, my discord code is on the About me page!