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I am studying for my JNCIA-JunOS and why you should do too!

My journey into getting JNCIA-JunOS certified!

Hello guys it’s crazyc4t once again, first of all happy new years!

I know I haven’t been active lately but this will change, starting with my lack of networking skills, I must need to admit, I’m not a fan of networking…

Why are you writing this blogpost then?

First, let me get you in the context…

My story with networking

As I said, I’m not a huge fan of networking, doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, it’s just that I prefer doing other things like ethical hacking and learn more about linux tho, but at one stage of ethical hacking I noticed the lack of my networking skills, since I understood everything that I was doing but very broadly, and I wanted to understand more deeply, so that’s why I went my way to get the CCNA, started with Jeremy’s IT labs course that is truly awesome really is a great resource but, for me it didn’t clicked and just felt boring and not aligned with what I wanted, so I left CCNA and started studying a lot of stuff that lead me to not certify myself in months, in a blank space where I didn’t knew where to go or to do, but I got a job in cybersecurity and it was awesome! And that made me acknowledge that I’m good and I like cybersecurity and blue team operations, that is my thing!

But… the lack of networking when it’s going to be fulfilled?

Why not the CCNA?

As I said, the CCNA is awesome and it holds really good value, but it is really expensive, because the exam itself is $300 dollars and there’s good free training, as well as labs but if you want to get really great training and awesome practice tests and labs, for example from boson, the price justs adds up, including the official guide books and more.

And the CCNA is NOT a beginner level certification, since it really covers deeply routing and switching and handling of cisco devices, so it is a lot of content to cover, and I wanted a good fundamental level of networking, and also that is not going to break the bank.

CompTIA Network+ then right!

Not exactly, well the Network + covers a good level of networking, it is non-vendor specific, so you will know networking, but not specifically how to manage it on a CLI, also I don’t like compTIA very much since their prices are elevated and also their certifications don’t hold much value, only a few ones like the Sec + and the A +.

Juniper comes to the rescue!

Juniper networks is a company that sells networking and cybersecurity solutions to businesses, and they have their own devices like switches, routers, firewalls and more, and they even have AI driven networks called “Mist”, isn’t that awesome? Just to show you that they aren’t a average joe in networking, they are a leader in wired and wireless infrastructure, competing with Cisco, Arista, Fortinet, Aruba just to name a few.


Juniper certifications

Now that I showed you that Juniper isn’t a nobody in the networking space, their certification program is just AWESOME! there’s no more ways to put it, why?

So you can have a real networking certification, with free training and if you complete everythinig you have the voucher for $50 bucks? I’m in.

That’s why you should certify yourself as well as me!


This is the different levels and certifications they offer, and all follow the same program, that is “JunOS Genius”, the platform that offers the free training, so you have a variety of different areas you can select to study, in my case I’m learning routing and switching, so that’s why I’m preparring myself for the JNCIA-JunOS



This certification is awesome since it teaches you the fundamentals of networking, subnetting and it teaches you more deeply while learning to configure juniper’s switches and routers, with protocols like RIP or OSPF, and much more.

This will establish my desired networking knowledge learning-by-doing, and I can feel more confident now and experiment more deeply with networks.

On top of the free training, you have free labs! So what are you waiting for? I will upload my notes on my blog regurlarly and I’m taking the test on february so I will keep you updated on how it went!