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Why minimalism is important in your life


This is my first (and not last) blogpost talking about life advice and my opinions so just buckle up and enjoy the ride!

What is minimalism in the first place?

Is really self-explanatory isn’t it? Minimalism is just to live with the bare minimum, and that goes for everything in life, from your house decorations to your life activities, and the concept of minimalism really is to achieve simplicity with essential quality, and that means that is perfect, no need for more or less.

Why do I need minimalism in my life?

Let’s take for example a computer, it has 4 GB of ram and a AMD ryzen 3, which is really not bad, until we put windows on it… Why? Because windows is really a heavy, full-function, full of software you can’t get rid of and don’t want in the first place (bloatware), spyware and more creepy stuff that makes windows a really heavy computer operating system that is really slow on the computer we took for example, since windows on idle takes aproximately 3-4 GB of ram, but what if we install a lightweight GNU/Linux distro?

That’s were the fun begins, you now know that with a lightweight distro that uses aprox. 1 GB of ram and know you have a lot of ram left to spare, and you become more curious and then you installed arch linux with DWM for the minimalist setup with only 500 MB of ram usage on idle, and then you notice that you are faster than before on your windows setup, you use keybindings to navigate faster, and you only have the apps you need.

That is the perfect example that we can translate to a life example…

If you have a lot of activities like going to the gym, drawing, work or school, cooking classes, coding sessions and/or reading, without counting social interaction because is an activity we have to work out everyday, you will get burned out and sadly, never progress on all of your activities, why? because you are not dedicating enough time to every activity, and that’s why you need minimalism, to progress faster

Applying minimalism day to day

First you need to know your priorities really well, for example a like a lot of things, but I know deep inside what activities are really important in my life, I will take myself for example taking by order:

  1. Programming (I want to work on IT and study computer science)
  2. School (Obligations)
  3. BJJ (Exercise and a way of live)
  4. Social circle (Family and Friends)

And that’s it for me, we are talking about our activities each day, we need to know our priorities to make the cut of certain stuff that is taking time from the activities we really need to invest in, for example, I like to cook, and draw, but they are just “hobbies” or activities that I enjoy doing but am not going to be a chef or artist, I just like to do them, that’s why I leave space for them in the weekends, because from monday to friday you need to be laser focus on your principal activites, and those principal activities, that from now on we are going to call them grind, why? because grind is an activity where you can work tirelessly and see no return because is leading a bigger purpose.

For example myself once again, (is not that am ego-centric or something, I just know me better that anyone) I started programming as a hobby, two years ago, and now is something that I live and breathe for, this is my spot, my grind, I have zero percent in return yet, yes I know a lot of stuff, created projects and all, but no one pays me or obligates me to do so, so why I keep doing it? Because it serves a major purpose, you need to see the big screen boy, If it ain’t about a dream, then it ain’t about me as mac miller used to say R.I.P.

Okay, now we know our top priority, now what? Time to get to work, This will be your main focus of every day you have, you wake up and you think about that, you dream about it, the first things that you see in your room are about it, that’s all you got, you have to bet on yourself because if you don’t have that, you really got nothing, you see? You don’t have distractions, you don’t have other stuff to take out your time, you are dedicated and disciplined, because you are focused only on one thing, and focus on getting good at it, getting obssesed with the process and soon enough to enjoy the return of your major labor, that is minimalism, to not have anything besides your grind, so the only thing that you think about is your grind, concentrate fully on your grind because you got nothing to distract you, and to be patient and knowing that hard work always pays off!