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Pickle Rick CTF

Hello world! I’m back again with a new blogpost, related to hacking! am preparing myself for the eJPT so I’m taking tons of machines while taking the learning paths from Try Hack Me, specifically the “Pre-Security”

This Rick and Morty themed challenge requires you to exploit a webserver to find 3 ingredients that will help rick make his potion to transform himself back into human from a pickle!

Room link

Difficulty: easy


We need to hack this website to get information over the 3 ingredients that Rick needs in order to become human again, so let’s run nmap, nikto and gobuster while we inspect the source code of the webpage.


sudo nmap -p- -Ss -Pn -T5 --open -oG allPorts


Giving the nmap scan we know that two ports are open:

And we have that stored on the file named “allPorts”


gobuster -t 30 -u -w common.txt


We need to check always the status code of the HTTP request, being 301 forbidden but 200 is OK so that robots.txt looks good, let’s check it out: Wubbalubbadubdub

That is what is was displayed, meaning that word should be used somewhere…


nikto -h

Nikto is a tool that scans the web for us and let’s us know vulnerabilities associated with it and important directories we should know about, the important output of the command is a login.php route that will come handy later.

Inspecting the source code


That’s perfect, now we have the username: R1ckRul3s

Gaining access

Now let’s go to that login.php directory, and let’s try the credentials we have gathered:

And we have access!

companel picklerick

The other tabs are “blocked” for the real rick, this is the command panel, where we can execute commands, let’s try the basics:

After knowing a bit about were we are, we can now different directories: ls

Being Sup3rS3cretPickl3Ingred.txt path, the first ingredient that is a mr. meeseek hair (Look at me!) and the clue is to look around the filesystem and we can do so by executing differents commands at the same time, for example: cd /; ls -la; whoami

If we go to /home/rick we can see there is a second ingredients but is not a directory, instead is a file, so we can just cat it out: cat

But the command is blocked, for us the future PICKLEEE RICCCCCKKKKK so we need to find another way around, that is using less: cd /home/rick; less "second ingredients"

less Being this the answer of the second ingredient.

Time for looking to the third ingredient, by instict we should look first for the /root folder, but we don’t have permissions so if we run sudo -l we can know the privilages we have as the www-data user.


This means we can run the sudo command without any password! We can’t use the command cd with sudo beforehand, so let’s use ls instead.


So we can exploit this vulnerability by using less with sudo: sudo less /root/3rd.txt, giving the answer: flag

And with that we helped rick become human again!

This was a really fun machine easy to get going and learn enumeration for a website, Try Hack Me machines are really fun to get started, as I am doing right now, so expect tons of write ups!

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