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Vim for everyone!


This is a vim-neovim tutorial, is a highly-configurable text editor that you can make it as you wish, and the way to use it is only with the keyboard and keybindings and learning it will improve your productivity at a whole other level, and it is included in every UNIX system and Mac OS, so if you configure servers remotely or work a lot in the terminal is really important to use vim, and you can add plugins and make a lot of cool stuff with it!

1.0 Installing vim

The first step into the rabbit hole, here it goes!

Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt in vim

Fedora/RHEL sudo dnf in vim

Arch Linux sudo pacman -S vim

1.1 Vim modes

Vim has three modes and each one of the three you can escape them with ESC:

1.2 Quitting vim

There are different ways of quitting vim, but these are the most important:

1.3 Useful shortcuts to use

1.4 Deleting, undoing and redoing!

1.5 Navigating more in-depth

1.6 Replacing, appending and changing

1.7 Yanking and putting!

1.8 Searching in your document

Reminder: Remember to mix it up!

You can mix numbers with hotkeys, for example if you want to delete 10 lines you aren’t going to press dd 10 times, just multiply it! 10dd and so on and so forth with the others! Mix it up!


This is for now! these are the essential vim hotkeys and commands to survive and to start into the rabbit hole, expect more of vim in my blog thank you for reading!